Camp and Tour

MISSION: The ChievoVerona International Academy organises training camps aimed at taking the Chievo Youth Sector methodology to youngsters in foreign countries, putting them in direct contact with the ChievoWayofTraining.

The ChievoVerona Tour Experience gives groups of young footballers and those accompanying them the chance to visit and train at the Bottagisio Sports Centre, the home of the ChievoVerona Youth Sector, where they can experience the Giallobl philosophy for themselves. 



The International Camp project was the first stage in the International Academy project. Over the years ChievoVerona Youth Sector trainers have trained young boy and girl players in 23 American states as well as in Canada and Australia. The children perform a wide range of training aimed at improving their skills and letting them show their strengths.


The ChievoVerona Tour Experience allows international groups to come and stay at the Bottagisio Sports Centre for one week, where each morning they have technical and athletic training with the Youth Sector coaches and in the afternoon they train with the ChievoVerona Youth Sector players of their own age. On top of this there are guided visits of Verona, tours of the Bentegodi Stadium in Verona and the Meazza Stadium in Milan, and much, much more...