Chievo Village

CHIEVO VILLAGE is a project that brings together different people who have the same passion in common, one of the most exciting things about of sport. ChievoVerona’s charity Cuore Chievo supports this project which aims to instil ethics and solidarity in sport, values that the club has always held dear, getting children involved in football and teaching them to be aware of these aspects is a way to help them develop as players.

The project is based on an idea shared by everyone at ChievoVerona: fair play.

The project allows children and teenagers to experience something new, unique, original and challenging in a context of sound values and sporting principles.


Chievo Village will be taking this project around Italy.


Activities and information

Duration: one or ore days


For: children under 16



  • ChievoVerona website
  • Facebook: ChievoVerona + Chievo Academy + Cuore Chievo