Premier international partnership

MISSIONMISSION: Building from the ground up. This is the motto of the Premier International Partnership. The know-how that AC ChievoVerona and Chievo Academy have developed over the years is offered to partner companies on three levels:



   Managerial (company management and problem solving);

   Educational (training of coaches and observers);

   Technical (growth and development of players);



The aim of the Premier International Partnership is to build active and long-lasting cooperation with international clubs who wish to take further steps to improve their professionalism. To do this, the ChievoVerona International Academy provides help and support to their partners using the latest technological resources.


The programme includes:


  • Pre-season meeting with Chievo coaches (initial situation analysis and planning)
  • Mid-season meeting with Chievo coaches (analysis, evaluation and planning development)
  • Post-season meeting with Chievo coaches (analysis and season evaluation)
  • Monthly individual web conference
  • Monthly group web conference
  • Literature and other materials
  • Private Video Content