Chievo International | Residential Academy

RESIDENTIAL ACADEMY is a project designed to offer players from all over the worldthe opportunity to experience the life of a professional footballer. The young athletes are hosted at the beautiful Bottagisio Sport Center, the home of the ChievoVerona Youth Sector, in order to receive a technical, athletic and tactical individual training from ChievoVerona coaches and instructors. In addition to football training, the program includes the possibility of Italian language and culture courses. Young players from all over the world have chosen Chievo as a place to grow technically … and beyond. The goal of the project is to make young players grow, not only as footballers but also as men, through a unique and exclusive experience in which football is combined with training activities, visits and excursions: an authentic "lifetime experience".


Molti dei nostri ragazzi hanno ottenuto una borsa di studio quando sono tornati nei loro paesi d’origine; alcuni ragazzi stanno giocando come professionisti in Europa e un Residential è stato perfino scelto dal ChievoVerona Primavera – U19!