Chievo's old pitch

ChievoVerona first played in the area between the River Adige just after the Chievo dyke and the Camuzzoni canal in autumn 1957: they had previously been hosted in Bionde, Villa Stefani and the area alongside the Brenner railway line. Carlantonio Bottagisio left the club a legacy which enabled the building of the site by local people supervised by parish priest Father Silvio Venturi, who placed the words "Gaudete in Domino" (Rejoice in the Lord) above the entrance. 


The first match played there was a local friendly, and the first Prima Divisione match was against Caldiero on 3rd November 1957, won 3-0 thanks to goals from Bruno Vantini, Giancarlo Dal Negro and Silvano Libriani. This was the first of many memorable moments for the people of Chievo and further afield, including the unlucky amateur Italian Cup match against Angri on 29th March 1975 and the many promotions the team won until they left for the Bentegodi Stadium. 


On 4th November 1966 the Bottagisio was flooded but the people of the area worked to save the pitch which to this day is a Chievo Youth Team location and where the First Team start their summer training camp.