Gialloblù headquarters


A.C ChievoVerona’s HQ are now at 3 Via Galvani, Verona, but their first headquarters were close to where they played their matches: it was at Villa Stefani in the Monte area that the Gialloblù pioneers (who then played in blue and white) took their first steps. The villa was the home of an after-work club where football was just one of the activities, as well as tug of war and tamburello. After the war the team moved across the neighbouring railway line which separates the Chievo and Croce Bianca areas of Verona, to the site of an Austro-Hungarian fort, hence the name “Campo del Forte”. The team would get changed for matches in the Osteria Alla Busa, and the match referee was hosted by a family nearby.


On the 3rd of November 1957 A.C. Chievo defeated Caldiero 3-0, but more importantly it was the day of the inaugural match on the parish church pitch dedicated to Carlantonio Bottagisio, which in the 1970s and 1980s would witness a series of Chievo triumphs, and from 3rd December 2014 would become the site of a renowned Centre of Sports Excellence for the Chievo Youth Sector and the residents of Verona. Thanks to a legacy left to the club, and the supervision of parish priest Father Silvino Venturi, the sportsmen of Chievo were able to enjoy a new pitch, although conditions meant that some matches still had to be played at the previous venue. HQ moved to the “Pantalona” in Piazza Chievo until the club went professional in 1987.


The new headquarters were at 90A Corso Milano, Verona, in the same building as the Campedelli offices. The second floor contained the reception area, administrative and managerial offices, while the ground floor hosted the Youth Sector and Football School.



When Chievo reached Serie A at the end of the 2000-01 season, the club moved to 3 Via Galvani, Verona. In 2015 another floor was added, giving more space to the First Team and Youth Sector, as well as to other offices.