#CrotoneChievo: Ros to referee

Thursday 18 June 2020
#CrotoneChievo: Ros to referee

Riccardo Ros (Pordenone) will referee Crotone v ChievoVerona this Saturday at 6pm at the Ezio Scida Stadium. He will be assisted by Vittorio Di Gioia, Marcello Rossi and fourth official Mario Vigile. 



Ros has refereed these previous ChievoVerona matches:


15/05/2016  Serie A Tim  

ChievoVerona 0-0 Bologna


04/05/2019  Serie A Tim

ChievoVerona 0-4 Spal


14/09/2019  Serie BKT 

Venezia 0-2 ChievoVerona


18/01/2020  Serie BKT 

ChievoVerona 2-0 Perugia