Second Team #JuveChievo live on Sportitalia

Thursday 8 February 2018
Second Team #JuveChievo live on Sportitalia

Following their great 2-1 win over Inter Milan, the Second Team now host Juventus at 1pm this Saturday, with the match being shown live on Sportitalia.


This weekend's Primavera 1 matches: 

Bologna v Roma

Hellas Verona v Torino

Inter Milan v Atalanta

Juventus v ChievoVerona (live on Sportitalia at 1pm)

Lazio v Fiorentina

Napoli v AC Milan

Sampdoria v Udinese

Sassuolo v Genoa


Table: Atalanta 38, Inter Milan 36, Roma and AC Milan 29, ChievoVerona and Fiorentina 27, Torino, Juventus and Genoa 26, Udinese 24, Napoli 20, Hellas Verona 19, Sassuolo 16, Bologna 15, Lazio 14, Sampdoria 13.