Serie BKT: first match #PerugiaChievo

Tuesday 6 August 2019
Serie BKT: first match #PerugiaChievo

Perugia v ChievoVerona will be the first match of the new season while Empoli will be the first visitors to the Bentegodi Stadium. The season will end on 14th May. There will be midweek matches on 24th September, 29th October, 3rd March and 21st April, as well as matches on Easter Monday 13th April. There will be matches on 21st December, 26th December and 29th December before a break which runs until 18th January.



24/08/19  Perugia v ChievoVerona

31/08/19  ChievoVerona v Empoli

14/09/19  Venezia v ChievoVerona 

21/09/19  ChievoVerona v Pisa

24/09/19  Salernitana v ChievoVerona

28/09/19  ChievoVerona v Pordenone

05/10/19  Livorno v ChievoVerona

19/10/19  ChievoVerona v Ascoli

26/10/19  Cosenza v ChievoVerona

29/10/19  ChievoVerona v Crotone

02/11/19  Spezia v ChievoVerona   

09/11/19  Frosinone v ChievoVerona

23/11/19  ChievoVerona v Virtus Entella

30/11/19  Trapani v ChievoVerona

07/12/19  ChievoVerona v Cremonese

14/12/19  ChievoVerona v Juve Stabia

21/12/19  Cittadella v ChievoVerona 

26/12/19  ChievoVerona v Benevento

29/12/19  Pescara v ChievoVerona


18/01/20  ChievoVerona v Perugia

25/01/20  Empoli v ChievoVerona

01/01/20  ChievoVerona v Venezia

08/02/20  Pisa v ChievoVerona

15/02/20  ChievoVerona v Salernitana

22/02/20  Pordenone v ChievoVerona

29/02/20  ChievoVerona v Livorno

03/03/20  Ascoli v ChievoVerona

07/03/20  ChievoVerona v Cosenza

14/03/20  Crotone v ChievoVerona

21/03/20  ChievoVerona v Spezia

04/04/20  ChievoVerona v Frosinone

13/04/20  Virtus Entella v ChievoVerona

18/04/20  ChievoVerona v Trapani

21/04/20  Cremonese v ChievoVerona

25/04/20  Juve Stabia v ChievoVerona

02/05/20  ChievoVerona v Cittadella

09/05/20  Benevento v ChievoVerona

14/05/20  ChievoVerona v Pescara