Chievo Junior Cup ends

Monday, 3 June, 2019 - 18:00

230 matches were played during the competition which was attended by 35 clubs, 62 teams and 1,000 players from all over Italy. Prizes for the tournament were awarded by Sergio Pellissier,  Emanuel Vignato and Luciano.


1)Paluani Life
2) Pescantina Settimo
3) San Zeno Verona 1919
Fair Play prize: Varese Calcio


1) Pedona
2) Football 3000 Pianopoli
3) Club Olimpico Romano
Fair Play prize: Drago Sport

1) Paluani Life B
2) Football 3000 Pianopoli
3) Paluani Life A
Fair Play prize: San Gimignano

The best fans prize was won by Arci Pianazze from La Spezia.