Medical centre

All in the same centre, easy to reach and with plenty of free parking, the Centro Atlante offers customized programs for everyone: children, the elderly, mothers, athletes, sports teams and companies. The Centro Atlante in Verona was founded with the goal of relieving, and when possible curing, the suffering of trauma patients.

The doctors and staff take care of you and support you throughout your recovery and physiotherapy. At the same time, the multidisciplinary medical team makes the Centro Atlante a unique reference point for anyone wishing to stay in shape and have fun, prevent problems and maintain physical health and wellbeing at any age. The Centro Atlante has clinics for all main major specialties, physiotherapy and a large gymnasium where all activities are carried out.

Being the reference point of a Serie A team like ChievoVerona makes it necessary to keep in step with technical and scientific advances in rehabilitation, to reduce recovery times and improve results with preventive action to prevent the risk of relapse. Our knowledge is kept up-to-date thanks to a staff of young professionals who are always in search of innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

Atlante is the Italian name for the Greek god Atlas which means “he who supports” and who the Odyssey recalls was forced to hold up the sky on his shoulders. Atlas gives his name to the first cervical vertebra of the spine that supports the weight of our head, and has a fundamental role in our physical well-being. Incorrect alignment of this vertebra can give us migraines, headaches, dizziness, backache, neck problems, poor posture and associated pain.